I have searched for a good Apostolic commentary but I have been unable to find one. So I have decided to create this Bible commentary from a One God Apostolic point of view.

It is a work in progress and will be updated and amended through the years and the plan is to eventually publish it in a book form.

Please be patient as I am not a full time minister, I have a full time job and can only work on this commentary in my spare time.

Although I have studied for many years the Bible and many Christians books, I will still need to do some more research to make sure this commentary can offer good information, that is valuable and will benefit the Apostolic believers.

Let me explain how I approached the creation of this commentary.

First of all I want to empathetically make clear that this is just a commentary, written by me and I do not claim any special revelation nor infallibility. I would be quite surprised if I was not wrong many times. So please bear with me for my imperfections, wrong notions and incorrect statements. I will correct them if someone points them clearly out to me. As a fallible human being this commentary is bound to be also fallible.

Second, I believe the Bible to be true; I take the Bible quite literally, unless the narrative clearly indicates that it is figurative.  Please do not attack me for believing the Bible is true, this is my stand and I am not going to change this premise. No higher criticism for me.

Third, I believe the whole Bible teaches that there is only one God; I do not believe God is a multiplicity. This whole commentary teaches strongly that God is one, because I believe God is one.

Fourth, as a techie or computer guru, I have learned that speaking in technical terms usually confuses people and that is why I have made an effort to avoid technical terms in this commentary, although I may slip once in a while. I do not want this commentary to be just a bunch of Greek or Hebrew terminology, statistics and almanac facts; that is why I have on purpose avoided musty, dry scholarship.

Fifth, I am an outsider to the church, I was not raised in Church so perhaps some of that will show thru in my commentary. Although I have absorbed Christianity, it all happened after I was an adult, before then I was pretty ignorant of the Bible. I did not even have a Bible nor knew what it contained. So as an outsider I might have not crossed all my t's and dotted all my i's in the eyes of some ecclesiastical authorities.

Sixth, I try to keep this commentary a little light, so sometimes I have left in it some of my wacky comments just to keep it down to earth. I know that some may not get my silly comments, but that is a risk I am willing to take.

Seventh, I created this commentary using twitter as my primary tool, that is why the text sometimes may seem compressed and minimalist, I added other text and observations later on but tweets were the main seeds for this commentary.