Easy DIY Sugar Scrub


Easy DIY sugar scrub has many benefits to the body especially the skin. This is despite the fact that many people want to avoid it in their diets. But, it should be understood that this scrub has many benefits to our skin. For instance, the DIY sugar scrub s considered to be a natural humectant whose primary role is to draw moisture from the surrounding environment to your skin. Once this scrub is added to the surface, it hydrates it thus keeping the moisture in the surface. The sugar scrub also contains the natural glycol oil that plays a significant role when it comes to protecting the skin from damage. This acid also works best with aging skin thus making it look younger.
To make this oil, you requite half cup of water and a similar amount of either olive or coconut oil. These ingredients are then mixed to give you the desired sugar scrub. You can then go ahead to apply in either on your face to the whole body. As a result, it will help to slough off dead skin cells, and the reveal healthy glowing skin.